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If your organisation has a strategic thought leadership message, a unique story, or a case study which you wish to communicate to the delegates, then our breakout interactive seminar option is a perfect platform for you to connect, influence, and engage with academia, research professionals and the wider public sector.

A one-hour seminar would enable you to own the stage, present your story in an interactive intimate manner, and engage the delegation in a Q&A session, all providing you the perfect platform to stand out from the crowd.

To find out more about the seminar options call Sharon Azam on 0161 211 3057 or email [email protected]

Suggested Seminar Topics

  • Harnessing Big Data to Predictively Plan Future Asset Management Strategies
  • Improving Estate Management through the Use of Unified and Integrated Platforms
  • Enhancing the Digital Experience of the Customer through Mobile Apps and Websites
  • Ensuring Effective and Compliant Use of CCTV across Housing Stock
  • Implementing Effective Mobile Working to Streamline Repairs and Maintenance
  • Embedding Internet of Things (IOT) Technology to Enhance Cost Savings
  • Recruiting Agile Digital Leaders in Housing
  • Ensuring the Right Technological Infrastructure For You
  • Making Tenant Communication Easier and Supporting Rent Arrears Collection

Ask Alexa… the top 5 hit list of emerging technologies in social housing

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We’re now in a world where technologies once considered the subject of sci-fi or future-gazing are becoming a mainstream, everyday reality. In the past, consumers have led the charge when it comes to the adoption of emerging technologies, but the time is now ripe for social housing to begin reaping sustainable benefits from their implementation.

In this session Stewart Davison explores some of the social housing sector’s hottest emerging technologies, featuring headless interfaces, ChatBots, bot automation, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, and the very real ways they can drive transformation across an entire organisation.



Stewart Davison, Head of Business Development for Housing, Capita

Designing Digital Communications to Create Impactful Communications

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Introducing a series of case studies showcasing the latest trends in switching to digital communication, this seminar will show how to move to Digital using a risk free approach that funds itself in the current financial year. Deeplake provides Cloud based solutions that securely integrate multiple databases into a single communication platform providing a central point for end users to communicate and manage data.

Learning Points;

  • Building effective intelligent systems to reduce spending by joining up services to deliver higher engagement with customers
  • Reducing duplication and driving transparency by integrating multiple platforms, successfully combining data to generate new ways of working
  • Ensuring that services can be accessed and updated on the move with secure cloud based multi-platform applications
  • Ensuring customer trust through timely and open customer service and ensuring seamless interoperability through innovative multi-channel communication platforms
  • Taking costs out of frontline services and driving quality and responsiveness

Illustrating best practice in utilising digital platforms to effectively manage key business areas such as rents, repairs and customer engagement



Karen Foster, Account Manager, Deeplake

Paul Webb, Account Manager, Deeplake

Mobile Working – A Business Led Transformation. How North Lanarkshire Council have successfully implemented mobile working accross its Housing Property Services.

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Lynsey Smith, Business Solutions Manager at North Lanarkshire Council will explain how the council have increased productivity by 20%, decreased no access rates to 3% and had savings of approx. £280,000 per annum.

Learning Points;

  • The People and Processes
  • Technologies Implemented
  • Service Improvement and Financial Benefits
  • Looking to the Future


Lynsey Smith, Business Solutions Manager: Enterprise and Housing Resources, North Lanarkshire Council 

Big Data, Beyond the Buzzwords: The Practical Application of Data Science in Social Housing

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While the onset of the Internet of Things is a fertile ground for innovation with Big Data, by using Data Science methodologies and algorithms, tangible results can be achieved right now with the data that you already have.

In this session Mark Moynihan from 1st Touch will take you through what Data Science actually is, and how techniques like data clustering, natural language processing and predictive analytics have real world uses within Social Housing.


Mark Moynihan, Product Marketing Manager, 1st Touch

Scottish Borders HA: Improving customer service and staff processes with Castleton’s integrated solutions

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  • First hand results from a customer using the Castleton software solutions
  • Best practice tips from a current customer
  • How to prepare for a major transformation within your organisation?
  • How can integrated solutions provide more intuitive and improved customer satisfaction?
  • How to include tenants and staff in the design and development of key modules?


Jimmy Rogers, Sales Director, Castleton Technology

Bryony Stocker, Project Manager, Scottish Borders Housing Association

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